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4, 7, 3, 13, 52, 27

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... apparently NOT!

At least I tried!  I actually purchased my first Power Ball ticket Wednesday night... it was a bit stressful, I must admit.  First, I had no idea how many numbers I was supposed to pick... and did I get to pick them or must the computer do that?  AND, if I get to pick them, then, what are my choices????  Yep... new territory for me.

Well, I stopped at one of my favorite C-stores on the way home from work and the very nice girl behind the counter was so patient in explaining it all to me.  Then, I had to decide on the numbers... BIG decision.... so, I came up with the ones you see above... just sure that they had been divinely inspired and by the end of the evening, I would be a millionaire!  I was even more than willing to share the money if someone else chose the same numbers... no problem.

And, can you believe it?  Not ONE of my numbers came up!  Not ONE... there goes my beginner's luck... 

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