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Was it me...

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...or was it the family... or Wal Mart... or WORK?

Here it is Monday morning and I am just happy to be at work!  No, really... because about 10 o'clock last night, I was having my doubts that I'd be here today.  Yes, I know the stomach flu is going around... everybody's talking about it... and I HAVE been around people this past week!  So,  was it that crazy family of mine that I spent Thanksgiving with?  Was it my sweet oldest boy bringing it home from college?  Was it that last trip to Wal Mart where they were out of those disinfectant cloths for the carts?  OR... was it those sick people I work with!

Actually, there could be another explanation... especially since my symptoms kind of stopped this morning around 9 a.m.... less than 24 hours after they begun... Hmmmmmm..... could it be something I ate??????

Was it the: homemade bread and bran cereal for breakfast?  or the left over dressing from Thursday along with the leftover ham & beans that I smothered in sauerkraut that I ate for lunch?  or maybe the homemade hamburger and sweet potato fries I ate for dinner?  OR... could it have been the cappucino chocolate chunch frozen yogurt that I capped it all off with about 7 p.m.?  Hmmmmm.... I wonder....

Guess I will never know.  I kinda think I wasted a real good opportunity for a day off, huh?  

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