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What would you ask?

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 I'm amazed at the 'flack' we've gotten from some listeners for playing this... especially when so many others get the real meaning of the song.

"Beer With Jesus" inspired one third grade teacher in an Illinois Catholic School to ask her students what they would ask Jesus if they could sit down and have a beverage with him... here's what some of them said:

"If I could have a chocolate milk with Jesus I would ask, am I special to you?"  Andy

"If I could have a cup of juice with Jesus, I would ask him how did you do everything?" Manuel

"If I could have a tea with Jesus I would ask him how do you take care of everyone?"  Murphy

"If I could have a two liter of mountain dew with Jesus I would ask him how do you know ahead of time?"  Patrick

"If I could have a latte with Jesus I would ask what is it like in heaven?"  Anthony

"If I could have a coke with Jesus I will ask him if my Uncle is in heaven?"  Angel

"If I could have a juice with Jesus I would ask him how do you feel when people do not like you?"  Mia

See, it's not the beverage that counts, it's the heartfelt questions you'd ask... As this Third Grade Teacher said to Thomas Rhett's Record Label:  "Thank you for believing in Thomas Rhett to make this song because it has been an inspiration to 16 wonderful little hearts."

Mine, too... 

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