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Our family would starve...

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... if we had to do it alone!

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner... or Christmas... or Easter... any major holiday dinner, my sisters and brothers (I have six, ya know) and I are pretty much helpless to actually prepare an entire meal!  For our entire lives, it has always been a sort of potluck affair when it comes to meals and the big ones are certainly no exception!  

We each have our assignments at holiday time... Roddy cooks the meat, Susie bakes the pies, Teresa makes the dressing, Gwen mashes the potatoes, Joyce would fix the side dishes and I am in charge of making mom's homemade rolls!  (Roberta and Bobby are not usually there, but we make fun of them, anyway.)  The nieces and nephews fill in with salads and appetizers.

So you see, none of us have ever had to prepare the entire meal... I can see it now, my boys would just be eating rolls for dinner (not that they'd mind that)... Susie's group would get by on pecan and pumpkin pies... at least Roddy's family would get some protein!  We really DO need each other!  I think mom planned it that way... we could have gone our separate ways after she passed, but no... she knew we'd need to eat and so she made sure we could NEVER do that without each other!

Thanks, Mom... now, I'd better get started on those four dozen rolls...

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