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Apparently there's something wrong with me!

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Most people have no problem with this, however, I tend to panic!

I'm talking about Birthday Cards... picking the right message is beyond painful to me.  I mean, they're either too mushy, too stupid or too plain!  It can take me 30 minutes to pick out a birthday card for one of my sisters!  And here's part of the problem... I didn't grow up with some of them... they were already out of the house by the time I came along... and my brothers?  20 and 15 years older and no, not your typical brother/sister relationship.  So... those cards that talk about growing up together?  Didn't happen!  

So, I spend precious time in the card aisle... pouring over card after card after card... and once I find a card that's halfway appropriate?  It costs as much as a gift!  What is up with $10 greeting cards?!!!  Let me take you to lunch instead!

Yep... I have another sister with a birthday next week... she's 22 years older than me... has always lived in another state... and now I have to find ANOTHER just right message!  I think I'll just write my own... and send her the money!


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