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Is it Wednesday yet?

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I'm so tired of political ads, but who isn't?  And really, do they even help you decide who to vote for?  I mean, you can't really believe the stuff they say in those ads... what good are they?

Do you know anyone who is actually buying into the mud slinging?  Are YOU?  I watch them, I listen to them and I just think, "here we go again, bet THAT;s true... NOT".  The nastier the commercial, the less likely I am to believe it.  I know political advertising kind of pays my salary at this time of year... shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, right?  Well, I'm a little too much like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie... I hate them and I don't believe them and I think they should all be outlawed!  Oh, and they are an incredible waste of money!

It almost makes sense to just vote the party line... you don't even have to have a brain, just say Hey, I'm a Democrat or Hey, I'm a Republican... I don't care what you stand for, I don't care what you've done, I don't care what experience you've had or if you are faithful to your wife or husband or if you cheat on your taxes... if you are on my party's ticket, then you've got my vote!

Instead, I'm worried that I will make the wrong choice... SO, if I can't believe the advertising, if I'm not a "Party" person, then what do I do?  I'll tell you what I do, I look at their faces, I watch their gestures and I rely on woman's intuition... I say a prayer and I follow my gut and I hope for the best.  And in the end, I really don't choose anything, it's all up to the electoral college... no guilt here! 

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