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It looks like my baby is all grown up!

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 And I know he will LOVE it that I'm telling THIS story about him!

It's Halloween... MY baby is a Senior in High School... no treats, just tricks, I guess!  Anyway, he was putting together his costume to wear in the Halloween 'parade' at school today.  I asked what he was gonna be and he said "a crazy old lady"... and so, he goes to the thrift store to find the perfect outfit... (nevermind that he LIVES with a crazy old lady with a wardrobe that goes back a couple decades... he  coulda found something in MY closet).  

WELL... he forgot to pick up one very important item for his outfit, and he comes into my room this morning asking to borrow... wait for it... a BRA!!!  Now there's one thing that Mom can't help him with... if you're gonna be a crazy old lady with an outlandish polyester outfit, you need a BIG bra... not these training bras that I wear!  Nothing I had would even go around his chest... much less make any kind of impression on his audience... such a sad story... for ME!  Anyway, we did find an old, stretched out sports bra that he could barely squeeze into... stretched out enough to stuff, at least.  I guess he'll do Okay.  Can't wait to see the pictures!

So yes, my baby has grown up... and outgrown his momma... and he'll probably turn out to be prettier, too!

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