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What's the right number?

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 It's the question I ask myself every single year.  And, do you measure it in dollars or items?

It's the annual Christmas gift dilemma... how much do you spend?  And how many gifts do you buy?  How many is too many and how much is too much?  OR, how much is too little and how many are too few?  When you 're a parent, you have to think about this and the answer changes just about every year!

Newborns and toddlers... no problem, just buy whatever you want and they will never be the wiser or feel "unfaired upon."  But, once they reach school age... AND if they have a sibling, WELL... that changes the whole picture.  Now they are comparing with each other... now they are noticing stuff on television and they want it all!  Then... the dreaded teen years... nothing pleases them, really.  And what does, well, that's a little out of my price range... And if you try to buy them clothes??? Well, watch out... parents are hardly ever cool enough to get THAT right!

So... I just do the best I can... and that usually means I settle on an amount of cash and just split it up between them!  Oh, and throw in something useful like hats or gloves or pj' they have a gift under the tree.... some candy in the stocking and I'm done!

But you know, the best gift I've ever seen is giving kids the gift of GIVING to others.  Whether it's helping out with a food or clothing or toy drive for the needy, working at a 'soup kitchen' or the Salvation Army, helping folks take things to their cars, or helping mom and dad shop for needy kids they've adopted for Christmas... now that's a gift that is truly priceless and one they will remember forever.

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