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Green is my new favorite color!

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... really, it should be the favorite color for everyone!

If we don't save the planet, who will?  Here are a few kitchen ideas that maybe you didn't know:

1.  If you're shopping for a new refrigerator, look for the energy Star logo... you can reduce your fridge's carbon footprint.

2.  Compost Biodegradable Waste.  Don't just cram it down the garbage disposal or chuck into the waste basket... that just uses excess water or takes up space in the landfill.  Do what I do, collect your organic kitechen waste in a bin or bucket. When it's full, put it in your backyard compost bin.  It eventually makes great soil for your garden or just your lawn!

3.  Avoid cookware and small appliances made from polycarbonate plastic... and NEVER put those OR styrofoam in the microwave... it's toxic!  (just caught our chief engineer doing that and slapped his hand!)  Instead use clay cookware, cast iron pots and be sure to use glass containers for microwaving.

4.  Use washclothes and cloth towels to clean up the kitchen... save the trees!  If you do use paper towels, buy the ones you can actually rinse out and reuse... use them as dinner napkins and then rinse reuse to clean up spills.

5.  Sure dishwashers use less water than handwashing... but why?  Because most people hand-washing actually let the water run continuously to rinse the dishes.  If you do handwash, do what my mom used to do... fill one sink with the soapy water and the other sink with rinse water... no wasteful running water!


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