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So... will you watch tonight?

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 After the big debut last Wednesday... do you think it's a hit or a miss?

Yep, I'm talking about "ABC's #1 Hit New Show"... Nashville!  I love the way they TELL you that it's #1 before it even airs... Anyway, the premiere was last Wednesday and tonight we get round two.  

The story revolves around Hayden Panettiere's character "Juliette" and her rivalry-slash-attack on Connie Britton's character "Rayna".  Then, there's the backstory of Rayna's band leader and an affair he starts up with Juliette (cause she's trying to steal him away from Rayna)... all the while, his niece is writing music that Rayna will probably record.  Plus, Rayna's husband is being wooed into politics by her father... the father that has always been so cruel to her... 

It's a Soap Opera!!!!  Now, I know that worked for Dallas... and is working for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice... but can we really commit ourselves to following another convoluted storyline that requires our attention each week just to keep up???  I'm tired just thinking about it!  AND, I feel so sorry for the Rayna character that I want to slap Juliette!  And shake the band leader until his brains rattle!

Oh well.... I'll probably watch it again tonight... record it more likely... mostly so I can fast forward through the parts that drive me crazy... in the meantime, I know there will be music coming from the show that we will have to get your opinion on. Hayden will be first... coming up on New At Nine in a week or so... maybe sooner.

Keep us informed... hit, miss or you just like the music.  I'd like to know!

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