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I can't believe it hurt SO much...

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 Yes, I've had painful procedures... heck, I've given birth a couple times, however, I think I'd rather go through childbirth than do THIS again...

I tried those whitening strips on my teeth!  

The commercials make it look so easy... just put on the strips, wait awhile, take them off and 'voila', a whiter, brighter smile!  So, I bought some... supposed to use them once a day for seven days... two hours a day.  WELL, I get them on, careful not to get the gel on my gums, my tongue, my hands, my lips, anywhere but my teeth.... hold in place for a few seconds so they stick... check, check and check!

I wait two hours, and take them off... check.  I don't see much, if any, difference in my teeth... oh well, this is day one. THEN... about 30 minutes later, the 'discomfort' starts... I suffer through it and after a couple hours it gets better.

Day two... same thing.  Day three... same thing, but the 'discomfort' is feeling a little more painful, but it eventually goes away... Day four... again, same thing, but a little more painful.  So, I do what the box says and wait a couple days before I try the next treatment...

I wait FIVE days... THIS time, the pain starts after about 15 minutes... and it DOESN'T STOP for SEVERAL HOURS... In fact, it felt like I had had major dental work without any painkillers!  Even after taking two ibuprofin and brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth, I am still suffering!  

Guess what?  I'm not gonna make it to days six and seven... I'M DONE!  They say if you're not whitening, you're yellowing... well, I say, if you're not living, you're dying... and THAT, my friend, felt like dying!  I can smile just fine with my mouth shut!

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