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Dr. Mom is BACK!

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 I leave for a week and everybody gets sick?  

First Summer, then Bobby and I'm hearing all kinds of hacking and sneezing around here... what's up with that?  If I'd known that people were sick, I'd have made an even BIGGER pot of homemade soup and made everybody eat a bowl!  Loaded with garlic and onions, tomatoes and cabbage, sausage and spinach... my cooking may not be the best, but it'll cure what ails ya!  AND, I can't even remember the last time I had to stay home because I was sick... I think it was 2002?

Here's the deal, I'm what most people call a health nut... my boys just call me weird... I read all the health news, eat as many "whole' foods as possible and I stay away from processed foods... I shop at the Farmer's Market, buy meat from local farmers, I cook instead of eating out... take vitamins, exercize every day and go to bed by 11.  In other words, I am boring!  BUT I am healthy.

Yep, with all these healthy habits, I probably WILL live to be 99... which means I will NEVER get to retire... you think you're sick of me now...

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