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Let's take a poll...

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'How do you put your work face on when you work from home?'  That's the question Mr. Don Louzader put to a few of us yesterday.  His thinking is, since home represents rest and relaxation, how can you get motivated to work? Hmmmm....

Really?  Home represents rest and relaxation?  I don't mean to throw Mr. Louzader under the bus, then again, the man doesn't have children and the man obviously DOES have a wife... What wife and/or mother feels that her home represents rest and relaxation?  I guess that's the part I want to take a poll on... so feel free to comment and let me know.

I don't know about anybody else, but home just represents another kind of work for me... Hard Labor!  The minute I get home, I'm cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and putting more stuff on my Honey Do List... Only problem with the Honey Do List, I'm the only Honey around to DO it!  So vacations are when I tackle THOSE chores!  

Rest... relaxation... REALLY?  If I worked from home, I might save myself SOME work... less laundry!  I think I need a wife... and I'm glad I get to leave the house and come to work... it gets my mind off my Other Job.

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