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Curly's View

So, I've been doing it wrong all along!

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 I am a real stickler on this... have been for years... it runs in my family and I'm doing all I can to prevent... Gum Disease!  I brush, I floss, I use those little dental between the teeth brushes, I gargle with mouthwash, I see the dentist every 6 months... and now they tell me I'm doing it wrong!?

Here's my logical thinking:  floss first... get all those chunks out of there so you can get toothpast IN, right?  Well, WRONG, apparently!  'They' say that you are supposed to brush FIRST and floss SECOND... what's up with that?  'They' say it's because you should use the toothbrush to remove those chunks so that you can use the floss to get out the tinier stuff... but then, how do you get the flouride in there, I ask???  

I think it's some crazy plot by the dental industry so that we have MORE dental problems and THEY make more money!  Either way, I've got the solution... I'm flossing first AND third!  So THERE!

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