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A sure sign of fall...

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 or maybe I should say a sure 'smell' of fall...  You'd think I was celebrating the first day of fall, but NO... it was my feeble attempt to appease my oldest son by baking him a birthday pie a full week before his birthday so he doesn't feel bad when he spends his first birthday alone, off at school, without his family to celebrate with him!  My baby is growing up!

AND... the Jonathan Apples were on sale, I bought FIVE pounds... and I had to do something with them!  Anyway, I am not the best crust maker in the world, but I am way too lazy (and cheap) to make a special trip to the store to buy pre-made pie crust, so I made the crust, to boot!  It's a good thing my children don't care how a pie looks, just how it tastes and it tasted pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  And when you also have vanilla ice cream to put on top, well, you just can't go wrong!

So... happy fall and happy birthday to my son Arch... I've still got lots of apples, so I will make another pie the next time you come home!  Love, Mom.

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