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I'll have what SHE'S having...

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... yep, I'm a little jealous... AMAZED might be a better word... nope, jealous.  Did you see "Country's Night To Rock" Monday night on ABC?  More specifically, did you SEE Faith Hill?  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR... she looked AMAZING!  and in HG!!!

Skinny jeans, really cute high heel sandals, long-sleeved red t-shirt... and not an ounce of flab to be found!  Now, I might have felt better had she looked scrawny and unhealthy... but NO, she looked strong, shapely and the picture of PERFECT health.  What's up with that?  

And her face... and her hair... how does THAT happen when you are the mother of three... doesn't she have a teenager or two???  I mean, she should have WRINKLES by now... and her hair should look like she's been pulling it out!

Alright, alright... so she has MONEY... and she can afford a personal trainer... and a chef... and child care... and plastic surgery... BUT, beauty like that, you just can't buy.  SO... I'll have what she's having... and Tim McGraw wouldn't hurt either!

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