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Curly's View

Everybody and their dog was there...

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Yep, I'm talking about the PBR... I personally know some people who went to the PBR ALL THREE DAYS this past weekend!  AND, they went because they love it... they bought tickets... they dressed in their cowboy gear... and they stayed till the bulls went home!  Now, that's bull riding dedication.

I was there on Saturday... arrived around 4 p.m. to help with the KTTS set up outside the Q... it was a sold out crowd and they "weren't kiddin'".... every age, every walk of life... Everybody was there!   Even Moe Bandy was there!  (In case you don't know who Moe Bandy is... in the 70's and 80's, he was a BIG name in country music... he had many, many hit records and even had a theater in Branson.)  I hadn't seen Moe since the late 80's and was hoping to say hi.

Well, Moe's unmarked bus pulls up in front of JQH... bus driver gets off... I immediately go over and ask "who's on the bus?".  To which he replies, Moe Bandy.  Not one to be shy, I said "Tell Moe that Curly says 'hey'"... I think he thought I was some kind of nut trying to make a Three Stooges joke!  Anyway, Moe gets off the bus, I run right over and introduce myself.  When he looks a little like he doesn't know who I am, I proceed to tell him that I'm STILL wearing the night shirt he gave me!  (that got his attention, hehehe)   BUT, don't judge, he really DID give me a night shirt... it was a promotional piece of clothing he sent out when his song "I Just Can't Say No To You" was charting in 1988.  Well, gentleman that he is, he at least pretended to remember me!

And yes, I still wear the shirt... 

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