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The sky is falling, the sky is falling....

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 Well, it could be I guess... in my basement!  Thank goodness my oldest, Arch, is away at college!

You see, I woke up the other morning, walked down the hall and heard this "SSSssssss" sound coming from the bathroom.  I poke my head, and then my toe, in and yep, there's water ALL over the floor and leaking out onto the carpet in the hallway!  Well, needless to say, my loud verbal remarks got the teenager in the next room out of bed without waiting for his alarm!

Okay, so I turn off the water to the toilet (the thingie that that goes from the floor to the tank had sprung a leak) and proceed to mop up the floor, vacuum up the water out of the hall carpet and put a fan on the carpet to expedite the drying process.... (I've been to this rodeo before).  And then, I go on with my morning routine and get ready for work.

I'm about to head out the door when this little voice in my head says, "do you think you should check the basement?"  Well, DUH!  and you guessed it, water running down the walls, water on THAT carpet AND a wet ceiling!!!  Now, the fun has really started!  Repeat the process from upstairs, only add a frantic call to two neighbors asking to borrow fans, and another call to my boss to say I'd be late for work!  

Thank goodness for those 'still, small voices'... I got it all dried out... I hope... And the ceiling?  Well, that's in Arch's room, so if it falls, he's not there to feel the pain at the moment.  And my next vacation?  Well, I got a whole new project!  Home ownership... never a dull moment!

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