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Lawn Mowing Momma...

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And, I don't want to be!!!!!  I really worry that I have become a horrible mother because for the past two weeks, I have mowed my own yard... NOT my teenage boys!  Now, don't get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful that the yard NEEDS mowing, BUT, now that school has started, my boys are just too busy to mow for me!!!  OR, so they say...

I know my mother would never have accepted such an excuse... "you live here, you have to help"... was the standard answer.  So, by giving my boys a free pass and doing the mowing for them, I'm probably setting up their future wives with husbands that think excuses and a busy schedule will always get them off the hook.  Man, when I had boys, I KNEW I would be responsible for some other woman's marital happiness... if I screw up my boys, I've screwed up these women's lives!!!!!  The guilt is killing me! 

And, here's how bad it's about to get TODAY... yesterday, my youngest was supposed to mow the neighbor lady's yard (he'd been too busy to do THAT for a week...) and when he had trouble with the lawn mower (which I pointed out when I got home was simply out of gas...) he quit when he was half done and NOW he says he may be too busy to finish tonight... I am actually considering mowing HER lawn, too... HELP, I'm an AWFUL MOTHER!!!!  (I may be a rotten mother, but this push mower is doing wonders for my figure... )

Okay, so now I realize that mowing for the neighbor would be over the top.  Thanks for talking me down... 

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