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Fire Pits... are the pits!

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 I've got a complaint to register with Fire Pits... specifically, my neighbor's fire pit.  At least, I'm assuming that's what he was using this weekend...

Yes, we all loved the beautiful weather... kinda like fall... this weekend.  It was absolutely amazing and I was so thrilled to open my windows, let in the fresh air, turn off the AC and just bask in the glow of fall like weather.... that is, until my neighbor decided he was going to use his (must be new) Fire Pit.  I don't know what he was burning in there, but the smoke was overwhelming!  It just blew and blew and blew in my windows until I thought MY house was on fire!  At one point, I actually went outside to see if there WAS a house on fire in the neighborhood!  The smoke was so thick, I was sure I needed to call 911!  So, do you think it was a fire pit or just a crazed piromaniac buring crap in his back yard????

Needless to say, I was FORCED to close all my windows, spray air freshener and turn on the AC just to be able to BREATH in my own house!  Do you think I was calling my neighbor a few choice 'can't repeat them here' words????  You bet!  If my garden hose had been long enough, I'd have taken care of that smoke once and for all!

So, let this be a lesson to anyone living in a 'close' neighborhood and wanting to use one of those new-fangled Fire Pits in their back yard.  Whatever you do, keep the smoke to a minimum and don't use it when the wind is blowing!  Your neighbors will appreciate it... and I hope MY neighbor is reading my blog!  

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