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I have a "Show Room" Refrigerator!

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 That's what my sister always called her fridge and I'm thinking that mine is too!  Think about it, a showroom refrigerator has a couple plastic condiments, fruits and meats on those nice empty shelves, right?  Well, there ya go, that's my refrigerator!  Now, don't get me wrong, I DO buy groceries, it's just that with two growing boys, they don't last very long... and I'm discovering that's probably a good thing... here are some interesting NON diet tips that I just discovered and I'm thinking that I've been doing it right all along.

1. Just like grocery store shelves, the most often purchased (or eaten) foods are the ones that are at eye level or made to be eye catching... on the middle shelves!  That's where I keep the healthier foods, the ones I want the boys to eat... and they often do!  (I hide all MY favorite foods way in the back on buried in the drawers so they last longer...)

2.  Put indulgent snakes in solid, opaque, "can't see what the heck's in 'em" containers!  Again, I hide my 'good' stuff... I find boys are too lazy to actually open a container to see what's in it!

3.  Pre-wash and slice fruits and veggies to make them more convenient to just grab and eat... Check!  I always try to keep those expensive fruits ready to eat so they don't spoil... and when the boys are complaining of hunger, I point them to the healthy stuff (while lecturing them about the starving children in other countries)!

4.  Be A Minimalist... here's where I shine... an un-cluttered fridge!  Like I said, it's hard to keep food when teenage boys are around and it turns out, if your fridge is nice and clean and organized and you can SEE all the food in it - especially fresh, healthy foods - they get eaten!  And, it turns out, if your fridge is cluttered and over-stuffed, most people will just shut the door and head to the pantry in search of those bad potato chips and cookies that are probably lurking inside.

5.  And here's one I'm gonna try:  post your grocery reciept on the refrigerator door... It's supposed to remind you of what foods should be available because you bought them,  AND, the thought is, if you also see just how MUCH you spent, you are less likely to let it go to waste!  Actually, I'm thinking that just looking at the totals, I'm gonna lose my appetite AND a few pounds!

Bon Appetit!

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