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So... are you happy?

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And I'm not talking funny, laughing all the time smiling type of happy, but deep down to your soul, content with yourself, happy.  Now, that's a big question, one most people have to stop and really think about.  Do you just 'get through' your days, living for some 'thing' out there, in the future?  The next weekend, next vacation, next date?  Maybe you're looking forward to a wedding, birth of a child... even a divorce... before you can be happy.  BUT is that happiness or just living for some day, not TO-day.  

If we aren't happy today, then when are we happy?  I have often found myself looking to some point in my future... right now, it's when I get my boys raised and on their own, independent and not 'needing' me.  Seems that's my one goal in life that I tend to focus on... and I've been wondering, will that make me happy?  Probably not, I'll probably be miserable and miss them and be lonely... blah, blah, blah!  And yet, if they never left home, I would go out of my mind and feel that I had failed as a parent!  See what I mean, depending on an event in the future to bring happiness can never make us happy!

So... how do we find happiness in this moment?  I guess we have to look for it!  Wow, that's simple!  It's that glass half empty or half full question... and how we see our lives.  I find that when I look for the good in my life and quite literally count my blessings, I find a reason to be happy.  Instead of worrying about my boys, I can choose to remember and acknowledge what wonderful young men they are becoming.  Instead of obsessing because my house is not 'eat off the floor' clean, I can be thankful that I have so much 'stuff' to keep clean and what a blessing my home is for me and my family.  Instead of looking at my bank balance as 'not enough', I can feel grateful that it's not empty!!  And instead of moaning because the alarm is going off in the morning, I can be overjoyed that I have a workplace that needs me and gives me meaningful work to do each day.

I think you get the idea... just my thoughts on the subject of happiness.  I hope it gives you something to think about and I wish for you happiness... RIGHT NOW!

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