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That Just Doesn't Happen Anymore...

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Sure, you and I might turn 40, but a radio station... celebrating 40 years of consistency in news, weather, country music and love of community?  It's a very rare thing, to be sure.  

Just look (or listen) around... how many stations do you know that are still playing the same genre of music they were playing when YOU were a kid?  It seems every few years, most radio stations will simply change the type of music, the staff, even the digital frequency of their station... some don't even last 5 years until they make a change... or 'flip' as we call it in the business.  

I feel sorry for the folks that work at those other stations, never knowing if they will have a job OR what type of music they'll be playing from day to day.  I feel very fortunate that I work for a station that has stayed true to country music AND this community for FORTY years!  A station that has consistently provided the latest news and weather coverage to both inform and protect its listeners each and every day, 24/7, for FORTY years!  A station that has always been community oriented giving air time and efforts to better serve the Ozarks.  

Yep, I can speak with authority on this subject because I've been fortunate to be employed by KTTS since 1979.  I've seen a lot of changes, but one thing that has never changed is our committment to country music and our committment to YOU.  I think that's the key to our success and staying Number One in the Ozarks for 40 years... and I love that.

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