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Pinterest CRAZY!

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 Been playing with Pinterest... actually, I set up my account AGES ago, but then I got a little frustrated with it and so I gave it up.  Well.... my niece is big and pregnant and sitting at home pinning stuff all over the place and so I thought I'd give it another try.  And ya know what?  I think I've kinda got it figured out!  I just go to other people's boards and steal their stuff!   Simple, I can do that!  

I'm stealing (they actually call it repinning, but it's really just stealing) recipes, pictures, ideas, decorating stuff (which I know nothing about, but this makes me look like I do), you name it, I can steal it and look so much smarter than I really am!

The biggest problem I've discovered is just remembing your password, but then I came up with a solution for that, I only 'do pinterest' when I'm at ONE computer which I told to save my password and so now it just logs me in automatically and I don't have to think about it.... which is a good thing since I have NO idea what it is!  Poor Summer, she forgot her password and so now she can "Pin" or steal or even look at her Pinterest Board... poor Summer.... 

Well, there you have it... I am now 'in the know' with Pinterest... look me up... follow me... let me steal from you.... next thing you know, I'll be TWEETING!!!!


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