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Eating out...

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I am one of those people that almost NEVER goes out to eat... I cook dinner every night and take my lunch to work every day.  It's kind of a necessity when you are feeding teenage boys cause you can't afford to take them out to eat and still pay the bills!  AND, it's much healthier, especially if you cook everything from scratch and don't use pre-packaged, processed foods, which is what I try to do.

Well... last week I ate out not once, not twice... but FOUR TIMES!!!  It was just one of those busy, social weeks and now I will probably go six months before I eat out again... Anyway, it was a real wake up call for me.  Sure, the food tasted great going in, BUT, my body actually ended up feeling ill... slow, sluggish, achy... after a couple days!  And I know it has to be because of all the salt, fat and preservatives that I'm not used to.  I've noticed this same pattern whenever I have had more than one meal out a week, so it's not that I've 'caught' some bug or something, it's a reaction to the processed foods!

I am amazed by the difference in the way I feel and I just thought it was worth mentioning because it occurred to me that if a person ate out on a regular basis, or they ate pre-packaged foods most days... consuming MSG, salt, bad fats, etc... they might be feeling like that all the time and think it was NORMAL!  Well, it's NOT.  I may not appreciate my own cooking and I may hate to cook, period, but I hate feeling unhealthy even more.  

So, call this my soapbox... I do get on it quite often, just ask my boys... but we have to be more mindful of what we are putting into our bodies... and eat more whole foods like veggies, fruits and local, farm raised meats!  I know when I stick to what's healthy and only shop the "outside" aisles of the grocery store, I can FEEL the difference... I challenge you to try it, just for a week, and see how YOU feel.  We deserve to be healthy and to feel good, so take care of YOU!

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