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My Sister Adventure!

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I think I’ve recovered now… from my “sister weekend” with, you guessed it, my sisters!  I have three older sisters: Roberta-22 years older, Susie-13 years older, and Gwen-5 years older.  Any guesses on who gets bossed around the most????? 

Anyway, the four of us decided that we would ‘run away from home’, (as my mother used to threaten to do when we were kids) and do something we’ve never done before… spend time together without any kids or grandkids or husbands or brothers or… you get it, just the four of us.  So, we went to Branson for the weekend… and they made ME do the driving… not MY car, but Gwen’s, and so not only did I have three backseat drivers, but I had to deal with her screams when I did anything she perceived as dangerous… for the car… not us…. which was often.  Needless to say, my nerves were a little raw by Sunday afternoon… I lost count of how many times I screamed “shut up!” 

But we DID have a fun time… and stayed in a very nice condo at The Village at Indian Point.  Beautiful two bedroom condo with all the comforts of home AND a beautiful view of the lake… Gwen chained herself to the balcony and swore she was never going home!  (We did manage to pry her off when she got hungry enough).  We went shopping at Tangor Outlet Mall… on Saturday… busy, busy, crowded, crowded… but I DID buy a pair of shoes AND a pair of jeans… success!  Then, we did the 8 p.m. cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle… Gwen and Susie had never been before and BOY was that fun!  Every song the ShowMen sang… so did Gwen… as she poked Susie (I was smart and did NOT sit beside her, I knew she would do that!).  And the host/comedian/magician, Christopher James, was so funny… he made a comment about not being able to go to Wal Mart because his pajamas were dirty… Roberta turns to me and says “I don’t understand”…see, Roberta’s not “from around here”… and has never seen the people of Wal Mart photos… had to take her to Wal Mart to sight see before she went back to Ohio… she ‘gets it’ now… Oh, and we bought the ‘cruise photo’… all of us chipped in on it… it came with three copies of the photo… guess who didn’t get one??? 

By Sunday, we were exhausted, and sick of each other, and ready to go home… but not before leaving a very cute little “essay” in the guest book at The Village… I’m sure the owners will appreciate that!  But really, we had a great time and I’m pretty sure we’ll do it again.  Life is short… there used to be five of us girls and now there are only four… we’ve got some time to make up for.  Remember to enjoy your family, even if they make you crazy… I did.

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