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Okay... I think it's time...

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I have been more than patient... and I'll admit, I am NOT a patient person.  At first, I tried the attitude... "this too, shall pass"... and it hasn't.  Then, I thought... well, at least the humidity is low, so it's not too bad... NOT.  Oh, and "at least I don't have to nag the boys to mow the yard"... well, that doesn't fly cause the weeds are still growing!  And now?  Well, I'm just a little fed up and I think it's time for some drastic action.

By drastic I mean it's time to get single-minded about the whole thing... to not give up, to not give in and for lack of a better term, to become a "broken record!"  And really, we've already been doing that, haven't we?  We complain, we talk about it all the time... and not in a nice way.  We whine, we feel sorry for ourselves, we blame other people... and look where that's gotten us. The more we complain about the LACK of rain, the more LACK of rain we will get.   So, it's TIME!

Time for what, you might ask?  To become a Broken Record for RAIN... Time to think only RAIN producing thoughts.  Think about rainy days, green fields, full lakes and rivers and ponds... cooler temperatures.  And don't just think about it for a minute, let's think about it ALL the time... close your eyes and IMAGINE RAIN!  See it, feel it, smell it, hear it... and do NOT let your mind wonder to the LACK of it!  Can you do that?  Take 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes every evening... and 5 minutes every time you have a chance.  LET'S BRING ON THE RAIN.... TOGETHER!

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