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Dessert for Breakfast??? I'm in!

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I don't usually go for the "sounds too good to be true" stories, BUT, this one might be worth a look-see!  Researchers have found that adding dessert at the end of a protein rich breakfast can actually help you LOSE weight. In the study, two groups of overweight and obese people went on diets where they ate the same number of calories every day, BUT one group ate a modest breakfast and the other group went all out with a high-calorie (600), high-carb (60 grams), high-protein (45 grams) meal that included a DESSERT!!!  Something like cottage cheese and eggs on whole grain toast, 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt PLUS a fudge brownie!  In the end, the dessert group actually lost 38 more pounds per person than the no dessert group! 

So, you HAVE to ask WHY????  Well, it boils down to the fact that halfway through the study, the NO dessert group got really tired of depriving themselves of dessert... they found it hard to stick with the strict diet and they CHEATED.  The dessert-for-breakfast group were able to stick with their total calorie per day diet BECAUSE they were NOT deprived!  See, we just can't knuckle down and suffer and expect to actually keep off the weight... at least not MOST of us.  I think all of this makes perfect sense. 

So... moral of the story, so to speak... if you are hungry before lunch, you didn't eat enough protein at breakfast... and if you are craving sweets in the afternoon, you forgot to eat your cookie!  SIMPLE!  I do believe I am going to try this one!

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