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It's a Retro Thing...

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 Lately, I've found myself complaining that there is nothing to watch on TV... it's all reruns!!!  Then I remember that I cancelled cable... then I cancelled satellite... then I bought antennae for my televisions and now I can only get network TV.  Kinda like BEFORE cable?  Do you remember that?  Back when there was only ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS and you HAD to have a big old antennae attached to your roof... or in your attic... to watch TV?  Well, now, you get TEN channels!  It ain't so bad... and the picture's a whole lot better than it was before digital feeds.

Yes, I HAD the cable AND the satellite and I STILL complained that there was nothing to watch... even movie channels offered up very little new stuff and then they re-ran it over and over and over again.  I found that all I did was flip between stations, (I was turning into a guy... scary), and complain.  SO, I decided to save myself several hundred dollars a year (or thousand, depending on what packages were being purchased at the time) and cancel it all, buy an antennae (and converter box) and go RETRO!  And it SO works well with my 1985 Curtis Mathis console TV... (there'll be some pretty disappointed burglars who take the trouble to break into MY house...)  RETRO... I think I'm starting a trend!

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