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So... you may not believe it, BUT

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American Idol is losing viewers BIG TIME!  And, guess who is rubbing their noses in it?  Dancing With The Stars!  They had 4 million more viewers than American Idol last week.  Now, I usually like Dancing with the Stars, but the past couple of season's have been getting harder for me to watch... I get bored with all the behind the scenes stuff... just dance already!  Anyway, I tend to just record the show and fast forward thru everything but the dancing and the final scores.  I guess that counts, though, I am watching the show...

I will NOT watch American Idol!  And it has nothing to do with the talent... I just can't stand the judges!  Simon Cowell always irritated me and now it's Steven Tyler that I can't stand to watch... I like his music most of the time, I just don't like looking at him!  I guess I am UN-American (Idol)... so sue me!

OK... enough ranting... that should hold me over the holiday weekend... but watch out next week.  It'll probably be something else entirely!

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