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The word is OVER...

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Looks like OVER is the new catch word in country music... Miranda's new song is called "Over You"... her husband Blake Shelton has just released his latest, called "Over"... and now, Kenny Chesney has a new song from his yet to be released album called "Come Over"!  And I'm getting OVERwhelmed by the word OVER!

Then... there is the new song by Rascal Flatts that is being released called "Come Wake Me Up"... which is surprisingly similar, storywise to Kenny's "Come Over"... and the brand new Lady Antebellum song, "Wanted You More"... strikes me as running along the same vein.  Is it just me, but is there truly nothing new under the sun?  Guess not.  Kinda reminds me of television... if you've seen one cop show, you've seen most of them... and how 'bout those reality shows?  Same story, different faces (or voices, as it were)...

I guess I'm just a cranky girl... or maybe, I just need to read a book... just NOT shades of grey or whatever the new craze is in bad taste.  Whew, I'm in a mood today!  Thoughts?

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