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Curly's View

Okay, are we done with New Year Resolutions now?

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Into the new year by 24 days and I'm thinking we should either be well on our way to making those resolutions a daily part of our lives OR we should have just given up by now!  Why do we try to make major changes in the dead of winter, anyway?  People think they're gonna drag their behinds out of a nice warm bed, an hour early, to make themselves do something they certainly don't enjoy!  Or, just when there is so little daylight, lots of cold weather and a definite need for some comfort food, you think you're going to eat like a rabbit?  How silly is that!  I'm thinking that we should save the resolutions for Spring instead of shooting ourselves in the foot during the most depressing time of the year... Gee, I think I'm channeling Andy Rooney!

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