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Tree, what tree????

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Okay,  I don't enjoy putting up a Christmas tree... so sue me!  My sister thinks I'm some kind of Christmas Nazi or something!  In order to put up the Christmas tree, you have to move furniture around to make room for it... then, you have to vacuum because there's so many dust bunnies where the furniture was that you haven't vacuumed in a year... THEN, you have to drag the huge box that the tree is in out of storage, up the basement stairs and assemble... takes forever and kills my back.  Then, drag the big box of lights, ornaments and assorted tinsle up the stairs, too... THEN, you have to decorate it... untangling lights and taking all the ornaments out of their little boxes... get out the step ladder and make a million trips up and down, hanging everything just right... then, clean up the mess you made and vacuum AGAIN... HOW can that be fun???  THEN, you just have to turn around and do it all in reverse in a couple weeks!

Me, I'd rather just eat cookies... and enjoy my sister's tree... Okay?  Merry Christmas!

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