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Thanksgiving with family...

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For those that LOVE spending time with their extended families, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time, filled with food, laughter and love.  For those that DREAD spending time with their extended families, Thanksgiving can be filled with indigestion, tears and anger.  AND, every year can be different, depending on the level of dysfunction in your particular family... by the way, there is no such thing as a functional family, just ask Oprah. 

SO, I suggest a lighter approach to the holidays, if you dread them and have no alternative but to spend time with family (i.e., can't get out of it)... play BINGO!  Make yourself a Bingo card of all the things you can predict will go wrong, people will say to be mean, persons showing up drunk or getting that way, food fights, etc.... Ask your friends to make ones for their families, too.  Then, while 'enjoying' your family get together, keep track of how many squares are being "played"... the first one to get a BINGO on their card must rush to a phone, call their friends and shout BINGO!  The winner gets treated to lunch and everyone has to listen to every last detail of the holiday!!!  Now go have some FUN!

And, Happy Thanksgiving!

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