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Facebook fighting!

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I have two boys, 2 and 1/2 years apart, so arguing and fighting have been a part of my parenting life since they started grabbing each other's toys.  They are now teenagers, the oldest off to college... my house has gotten a whole lot quieter with the physical separation of the two.  Much to my amazement, they found a way to argue... in front of mom... ANYWAY!  And, as always, it's MY fault!  I made the BIG mistake of commenting on a post by my older son on Facebook... that prompted a sarcastic post from the younger son about how sweet it was to have "mommy" comment on his facebook (the younger son won't be my friend...), followed by an angry sarcastic response from the older son on how he shouldn't comment until he was no longer living at Mom's house... which ended with the younger one getting in one last 'jab."  I DID stop myself from stepping in with my two cents... actually I had more like two DOLLARS worth... Congratulations, Mom!  Technology... keeping my children close!

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