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Internet Dating

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Okay, who has done any internet dating???  I, for one, have not.  Call me chicken, but I'm a little scared to put myself out into syberspace and then have to wade through any "invitations" that MIGHT come my way!  My track record at regular dating has been pretty bad... broken picker, ya know... how could I possibly make good decisions on line?  So, what has been your experience?

I did read some interesting advice on how to decide if a guy might be right... it said DON'T look at the pictures!!!  First, you're supposed to read the profile, see if he's a good match in the profile... but what if he's just blowing smoke in his profile?  That's when you look at the pictures, BUT not at his face!  Blow up the picture and ONLY look at the background... what stuff is in the background?  Is he taking his own picture in the bathroom mirror?  Is he only wearing flip flops and shorts?  Does he EVER dress nice?  They say you can tell if his profile is a lie by looking at the BACKGROUND of his photos... interesting... what do you think?

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