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  • Plumbers?

    I think I'll just call this my own personal "List"... (how does Curly's List sound?) like they advertise on television to get referrals on companies and such. Help me out.

  • I really hate my lawn.

    I've fought with it for 20 summers now... and it's winning!

  • My behind is gonna kill me?

    Man, I work hard to do everything I can to be healthy, but now I hear it could all be for nothing because of my backside?

  • I'm thinking I'll go on a fast.

    Not from food, though.

  • Remember those 40 bags?

    I don't know if I've filled 40, but I've sure gotten to know the fine folks at Complete Electronic Recycling!

  • Two out of Seven Ain't Bad

    Especially in this day and age! I'm talking about my siblings who have now celebrated 50 years of marriage!

  • I'm buying stock in Arm & Hammer.

    If finding uses for baking soda is eco-friendly, then I believe I've turned greener than I could ever have imagined.

  • Sunday night should be fun!

    Hanging out with two good looking, funny, talented men... and NO, I'm not talking about my sons!

  • So, how was your vacation????

    Followed by, "did you go anywhere?" Call me over-sensitive, but for the umpteenth time, it was fine... and NO!

  • My first selfie!

    If you have "liked us on Facebook" then you have probably already seen the #OscarSelfies that Cash and I managed to get with every one of our St. Jude Jam performers last night. They were my first selfies!

  • How to get the weeds out?

    How DO you make those pesky things go away without using nasty chemicals?

  • Gee, I thought it was Saturday!

    It's all over Facebook... parties, parades, pub crawls... everyone's GREEN... all weekend long.

  • Gearing up for two days of hope!

    It lasts only two days, but it actually provides hope EVERY day.

  • Family is good

    I come from a BIG family, 4 sisters, 2 brothers, and it doesn't stop there, my Aunt Madge also had a large family, 3 boys, 2 girls, that MY family grew up spending much of our time with. That's a lot of people!

  • Why the Deer-in-the-headlight look?

    So I'm enthusiastic about my great discovery and how it has worked wonders for me and what do I get? Polite silence. Glassy stares. A change of subject! WHY?

  • 40 Bags... a GREAT Lent!

    Lent is all about giving up something... fasting from something you are attached to... for 40 days. Well, I'm stealing a really good idea I saw on Facebook: "40 Bags In 40 Days!"

  • Like my mother and grandmother before me.

    I have learned the valuable lesson that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

  • Can't believe it's been that long...

    I originally met Jason Aldean just as his first single, "Hicktown", was being played on the radio. At the time, he was booked to play at Midnight Rodeo and my boss asked if I would PLEASE pick this new guy up at the Rodeo and drive him and his band over to PFI for a fan meet n greet, hang around, and then drive him back to the Rodeo for his show that night. Well... it was an imposition, but of course, I agreed.

  • Everything IS better with Cheese!

    On Wednesdays I always rush to the grocery store sale ads and this week I struck GOLD!!! Cheese gold that is... it's BOGO!!!!

  • Sometimes I just need a good laugh...

    My kids say I watch too many crime shows on television. Granted, my list of "programs" tends to lean toward the CSI's, NCIS's, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, etc., and so, I think they may be right! Some evenings, I realize that I have gotten myself all worked up and it's all because of those silly television shows! I go to sleep and dream about the bad stuff, I see bad guys everywhere I look and I worry about stuff that is absolutely not happening to me right now!

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