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  • 'The Office' Season 9- A Disappointment So Far

    I remember the first time I ever watched the TV show "The Office." It was during my one semester at college. I was sitting in my dorm, avoiding homework, like usual, and I happened to catch a rerun on TBS. I was hooked. So, I started watching the DVDs, beginning with the first season and eventually caught up, so I could watch new episodes as they originally aired.

  • George Strait To Retire???

    George Strait is a legend in country music. I don't think I'll get any argument from anyone with that statement. So, when I got a text message from a buddy of mine this morning saying "is George Strait retiring?" I had a slight freak out moment. My buddy texted me, because he heard that George Strait had called a press conference in Nashville today.

  • NFL- Complete Chaos

    As it turns out, there was a slightly bad call in last night's Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers & the Seattle Seahawks. You might have heard about this, assuming you have heard anyone speak today.

  • Prank On Jay Cross

    I'm always up for a good prank, especially if one falls in my lap. My co-workers & I really didn't have to work very hard to get Jay Cross good today. Jay left his phone in one of our studios & went on to work in a different part of the building. My co-worker, Katie, saw the phone & did what every decent co-worker would do. She took it. She brought it up to her office. I was already in there along with our promotions manager, Amanda.

  • Ecards- My New Obsession

    Maybe I'm a little late on this whole Ecard fad, but I'm on-board now. I've seen them on Facebook & Twitter for a while now, but now I'm starting to do my own as well. I've seen some pretty funny ones, but I just see that as a challenge & I'm determined to make some that are even funnier. I'm just getting started, but these are what I've come up with so far:

  • Tim McGraw's Big Release... For Real This Time

    Last week, Tim McGraw released a sneak preview of his new video for "Truck Yeah" in order to get people excited about the full video. Well played, Tim. It worked. Now, he has released the full video... And it includes a cameo from Tim's "Country Strong" co-star, Garrett Hedlund, who I may have a slight man crush on. Anyway, just watch the video and forget I said that. Please.

  • Bullying Stinks- Don't Do It

    I know this is out of the ordinary, but please allow me to post about something serious real quick: If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might have already seen me post something about this, but I thought I'd go more in depth with it. Bullying stinks. Period. There was a contestant on the season premiere of "The X Factor" who was bullied while she was in school. Her story really got to me. It's amazing that a show like that can send such a strong message, but it did.

  • Tim McGraw's Big Release... Sort Of

    I was discussing Tim McGraw with a co-worker yesterday and we ended up saying "he could cough through a song and it'd probably be a hit." He knows what he's doing and has done so for a long, long time. His latest hit, "Truck Yeah," is shooting up the charts, just like all of his other songs. So, he decided he should release a video for it... But not quite yet. As it turns out, Tim McGraw is kind of a tease. With this video, anyway. Check out a 45 second preview of his latest video below.

  • Has Football Taken Over Your Life Too?

    It's officially football season. That means several things: There's always something on TV on the weekends, cooler weather is coming, but most importantly, I have no control over my weekend life anymore. Seriously, with college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays, I will be owned by the sport for the next few months.

  • Taylor Swift's VMA Performance

    Believe it or not, I like Taylor Swift. I know, I know... Surprise of the century. You know what I usually don't like? Non-country music. Unless it's a pop version of Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," of course. Because of this and the fact that I was working last night, I didn't watch the MTV Video Music Awards. But, I'm an avid Twitter user and noticed a lot of traffic about Taylor Swift's performance on my Twitter feed. So, I had to watch it. She did good. She did real good. And looked good, obviously. Enjoy below.

  • 46th Annual CMA Award Nominations

    Today was a big day for several country artists. The 46th Annual CMA Award Nominations were announced this morning. The awards will air November 1st on ABC and will be hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley for the fifth time. I will be making my (potentially horrible) predictions closer to the show, but for now, check out the nominees:

  • Saying Goodbye To Summer With My Top Song Of The Season

    Summer is coming to an end. Insert sad face here. I love pretty much everything about summer: Being able to wear flip-flops, not having to go to school (like that effects me at all), being able to show off my HUGE arms in a tank-top, going to the lake and the list goes on and on...

  • KTTS Catch A Rising Star Concert- Why You Should Go!

    This morning, we announced that Jason Boland & the Straglers will be coming to town as part of the KTTS Catch a Rising Star Concert Series. If you're not a big red dirt country fan, you may be asking yourself "who is Jason Boland & the Straglers?". Well, they are one of the biggest names in red dirt. Still not convinced to go see them? Try listening to some of their music below, then make your decision. Need more details about the show? Go here!

  • Must See YouTube Videos For Missourians

    I'm always up for good YouTube video. To be more specific, I'm always up for several YouTube videos at a time... To destract me from work. So, here are a couple to distract you from your work....

  • Dustin Lynch's Personal Video- My Ridiculous Response

    Dustin Lynch released his first album last week & as part of promoting it, he sent out personal videos to different radio DJs. I got one, so I figured I should respond the only way I know how.... Ridiculously. Watch my video below. Disclaimer: I actually really, really like this album. I'm just an idiot.

  • Kristen Kelly Visits KTTS!

    Every now and again we'll get up-and-coming artists to stop by the station to play us some tunes. Today, we met Kristen Kelly. She sang 3 songs for us, here's her new single, "Ex-Old Man." You can check out the other videos here!

  • My Top TV Couples

    I consider myself a pretty honest guy. There are certain things in my life that I'm not necessarily proud of, but since I don't wanna lie about them, I embrace them. Like the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic. A little embarrassing, maybe, but it's how I'm built.

  • Taylor Swift's Big Announcement.... Announced!

    About a month ago, Taylor Swift teased fans on her Facebook and pretty much said a big announcement was coming. After I saw that, I used a blog post to put rumors to rest. She wasn't planning on announcing her love for me. More disappointed, I could not be. But, she made the real announcement last night and that helped a little.

  • My Solution To The Drought

    We need rain... And the most obvious statement ever award goes to me. We are all aware of this, but we can't really do anything about it... Or can we???

  • What The Olympics Have Taught Me So Far...

    Like a lot of Americans, I've watched my fair share of the Olympics. I bleed red, white & blue and love to see us dominate other countries. I can't say that I sit around and wait for certain events to happen, but every time I turn it on, I end up watching for an extended period of time. Also, like a lot of Americans, I don't follow most of these sports until the Olympics come around. So, I learn a lot during this time. Here are a few examples:

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