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  • My Top 5 Springfield Concerts of the Year

    Alright, we've already gone over the fact that I love lists that come out at the end of the year. Well, I also thoroughly enjoy going to concerts. I work most of the country concerts in Springfield, so I am lucky enough to see a majority of them.

  • My Top 5 Albums of the Year

    There are few things I enjoy more than lists. That's my favorite part about the end of the year non-holiday related. I love countdowns and 'best-ofs' that happen at the end of the year. I guess it's just an opportunity to reflect on the best and worst parts of the year.

  • My Favorite Interaction With An Artist Ever

    I'm not stupid (debatable, I'm sure). I know how fortunate I am to have the job that I have. After concerts, I usually hear "you're so lucky" about 100 times. Everyone who tells me that is right. I've been blessed with many great experiences thanks to my job. Last night was one of them. If nothing special would have happened last night, it still would have been a great night. I saw 4 very talented artists, talked to some great listeners & was once again reassured of how fortunate I really am. But, something special did happen... Let me preface this story by saying I'm a huge Thomas Rhett fan. As he said on stage last night, his first 'radio stop' of his career was at KTTS. So, I got to see him perform in our conference room in January of this year. I was so impressed that day, I started looking into him. I was super impressed with him as a singer, as a songwriter and as a person. Since then, I've been a huge supporter of his. The story: The green room is where all of the artists hang out before and after their set. We had some things stored in there that we needed towards the end of the night, so we were going back and forth, carrying boxes out of the room. While we were doing so, Thomas Rhett and his record label representative, George, were the only ones in there. I've met and been around both of them several times, so I'm fairly comfortable around them. I first joked with Thomas, "I can't believe you didn't call me up to do the rap part of 'Front Porch Junkies'." He then replied "Dude, you were nowhere to be found, besides, you would have choked anyway." I laughed and agreed with him. Ice, broken. Now I could ask him what I really wanted to ask. Thomas has a song called 'Ride Around With You' that I've been obsessed with since I heard it. I've only heard a demo of it, but it may be my favorite song, lyrically, ever. I have always wondered why he has never actually recorded it. So I asked. He was surprised I had even heard it, since there's like one YouTube video of the song (which I can't find now). I assured him that I had and I loved it. He then gave me some good news: "We're actually heading into the studio this week and that song is in the pile of songs to record." My heart smiled a little. That would have been enough for me, because he answered a question I had had for several months. What happened next was just unbelievable. He then asked me if I knew the words and I confirmed that I did. So, he grabbed his guitar. I thought he wanted me to sing. "I don't sing" I told him. "Just get me started," he replied. He couldn't even remember the first line to his song that he had written. I had to help him with it. After he was reminded of the lyrics, he proceeded to play about a minutes worth of the song. Coolest thing ever. Again, he expressed his surprise for me thinking so highly of the song. I told him it was a killer song and then asked George if I got a cut of the earnings if it became a hit. They laughed. I wasn't joking. After slacking off for those few minutes, I figured I should get back to work. So, I started heading out of the room. I got one last shot in: "You're welcome when that song goes #1, Thomas." Boom. A Costnaza-like line to leave the room on. I think they laughed. Yes, I choose to believe that they did.

  • KTTS 40th Birthday Bash - Answering Your Questions!

    You could say I'm a little excited about tomorrow. The KTTS SoMo Farm & Ranch 40th Birthday Bash is finally here. This is a little different than most concerts, so I'm here to make sure you're prepared. I've listed some things you 'Need-To-Know' (get it, like KTTS Need-To-Know News? Classic.) below. Hopefully this answers some of your questions.

  • American Country Award Predictions

    Another country music award show is tonight. It seems like there's a new one every month, but I'm not complaining. The American Country Awards are on tonight at 7 on Fox. Don't take this the wrong way, but the ACAs are kinda like the clearance rack of country music award shows. They just don't seem as important at the ACMs or the CMAs. I'll watch regardless. Like I do with all of these award shows, I've made predictions on who I think will win each category. This is a fan voted event, so that changes my predictions a little.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Final Day

    I'm sure the ladies will be disappointed tomorrow. I finally get to shave my beard after growing it out for a month. Actually, let me rephrase that... I'm sure the ladies will be disappointed after the weekend, because obviously I'm going down to the Cash Stache (a lady killer) for the weekend. Anyway, disappointed females or not, it's been a successful month. A big thanks to everyone who has donated to such a great cause.

  • What To Do In Vegas???

    A week from today, I'll be waking up in Vegas... That should be a song. Anyway, as of Monday, I'll be Vegas bound. Assuming I don't win the Powerball tonight, I plan on getting rich in Vegas. I'll be there for a few days, but I can only make so much money. I need some ideas on what to do with the other part of my trip.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Day 26

    It's almost done. I can officially shave my face on Saturday. It's been an itchy ride, but once again, I loved doing No Shave November for St. Jude. Last year, I kept it going until January, but I think I might be shaving at midnight on Friday this year!

  • 5 Rules to Make Thanksgiving Awesome

    Tomorrow is the big day. The day where we get to do things I'd enjoy doing 365 days a year. But, it can also be a stressful time. So, I've come up with 5 simple rules to make your holiday enjoyable. Follow these and it may just be the best Thanksgiving yet.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Day 19

    And so it continues... Day 19 of No Shave November for St. Jude. Believe it or not, I'm starting to get this thing called a beard (pictured below). This helps my confidence as a man, but it also has it's disadvantages. For example, I was deer hunting this past weekend and was wearing a camo mask over my face. To say my beard itched while wearing the mask would be a huge understatement. It was very uncomfortable and I blame that and that alone for my lack of success in the deer woods.

  • My Single of the Year - That Hasn't Even Been Released!!!

    Believe it or not, I like good music. Crazy, I know. Anyway, you may or may not know how songs played on the radio actually get played on the radio. I didn't before I started at KTTS. Artists will release singles from their albums. We don't just play any song off of their album, we play specific songs released to the radio peeps.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Day 12

    It's going well so far. When I say that, I'm referring to the amount of money that has been raised for St. Jude on my No Shave November page. I'm obviously not referring to the amount of facial hair I've been able to grow these past 12 days. That part's pretty pathetic.

  • Friday Night Plans???

    It's the weekend. Opening day for deer rifle season is tomorrow. You still need something to do tonight. We got you covered.

  • I Heart Topanga Lawrence

    There are rumors going around about Disney trying to develop a sequel to one of my favorite shows of all time. I'm here to tell you that I'm on board, but I do have a few demands.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Day 5

    November 5th, that means we're 5 days in to one of the best months of the year. What makes it one of the best? The fact that I don't have to shave all month and actually have a good excuse for it. Later in the month, when someone asks me why I don't shave the ridiculous thing on my face, I can just tell them it's for the kids.

  • CMA Award Winners!!!

    Now that it's over, you might be trying to remember who won what award at the CMAs. I'm here to help you with that. Listed below are all of the categories, nominees & winners (in bold).

  • My CMA Award Show Predictions

    I'll give you the Grammy's, but other than that, I don't think there's a better award that a country artist can win besides a CMA Award. It's special, because it's voted on by members of the Country Music Association, which is a bunch of radio people and music people. So, most of them know what they're talking about. A majority of the time, the artist who most deserves the award, gets it. Which isn't always the case on fan voted award shows.

  • No Shave November For St. Jude - Round 2

    So, last year, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital started doing No Shave November to help raise money for their great cause. I do No Shave November every year anyway, so when I found out that I could raise money for St. Jude in the process, I was so down.

  • A Taste Of Nashville In Springfield

    I've been to Nashville twice in my life. There are several things I love about it. All of them are because of my love for country music, so when I hear about something happening in Springfield, that usually happens in Nashville, it makes me happy.

  • Springfield Scores Another Big Concert!!!

    All of the sudden, Springfield is dominating the country concert scene. I remember when I was a kid, there was rarely a big show like we get every couple of months now. I guess artists are seeing how many great country fans their are in Southwest Missouri.

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