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  • Concerts, Concerts, Concerts...

    Wow. 4 years ago, I would have never guessed that we'd have so many big-name acts come to the 417. Pretty much everyone I can think of that I'd like to see in Springfield, has been here within the last few years. Some really big names have been here in just the last couple weeks.

  • New Music From Eric Church???

    I've talked to a few people recently that have been asking themselves the same question I have: When will Eric Church release new music? He hasn't had a new song to country radio since 'Like Jesus Does' and it seems like that was years ago.

  • American Music Awards Nominees

    The 2013 American Music Award Nominees were just announced. There are a lot more categories, but here are the ones that involve country artists:

  • Brad Paisley Football Song

    I always enjoy watching Carrie Underwood do her pre-Sunday Night Football song. I also enjoyed it when Faith Hill did it... But they're pretty. Brad Paisley is not, in my opinion. That's probably why he didn't get the job like Carrie and Faith did. Anyway, he is funny. I guess he felt left out and decided to make this song. Enjoy.

  • A 'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Album?

    I love the guys from 'Duck Dynasty'. I watch the show weekly and can't get enough of it. Although I watch the show, I have no idea whether the guys can sing or not. But, I guess we'll find out together. That's right, they are releasing a Christmas album called "Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. Joining the family on the album will be George Strait, Luke Bryan, Josh Turner & Alison Krauss, so that's pretty solid. Check out the track listing and a video of what to expect below:

  • An Embarrassing Night...

    We live in a world where people are more likely to place blame, than they are to think. I get frustrated with this world a lot and I'm well aware I'm not perfect. I'm far from it, but last night, I was actually embarrassed to be from Nixa and it was because of a high school football game... You read that right. Ridiculous, right?

  • Dog Parenting: I Need Help!

    I've been dog sitting for my brother for a few months and all together, he's a pretty good dog (the dog, not my brother). But, lately he's been tearing up my backyard. Given, my backyard isn't in great shape anyway, but still... Also, my backyard is about the smallest backyard ever.

  • A Big Day in Country Music...

    Tuesdays are fun. It might be the lamest day of the week, since it's one of the only days we don't have some sort of football. Still, I enjoy them, because of new music. A majority of the time, new albums are released on Tuesdays. And today, well it's no different. Not only do we get new music, but we get new music from big names. Justin Moore, Chris Young and Billy Currington all have new albums out today.

  • CMA Award Nominations

  • George Strait's Final Tour Announced!!!

    George Strait is a legend. I feel confident that I won't get any argument with that statement. So, when he says he's going to tour one last time, it's a big deal. George Strait is country music, so after this final tour, country music will take a big hit when it comes to the touring portion of country music.

  • Football Starts Tomorrow!!!

    I'm obsessed. I used to deny it, but now I embrace it. I am completely obsessed with fantasy football. It was only a matter of time until I blogged about it. Honestly, I'm proud of myself for not blogging about it weekly. That's how obsessed I am.

  • Best 'Hump Day' Video Yet... Seriously.

    I can't think of a TV commercial in recent history that has had as big an impact as Geico's 'Hump Day' commercial. It has become a weekly (and sometimes more than that) reference around our office. To be more specific, a couple co-workers and I pretty much live for Wednesday. It's one of my favorite things to reference ever (HUMP DAYYYYY YEAHHHHHHH!!!).

  • The VMAs... According to Twitter and Me!

    I watched about 2 minutes of the MTV Video Music Awards last night. The reason? I was flipping over to see if N'Sync was performing yet. I'll get to that in a minute. So, a majority of the knowledge I have about the show came from people's reactions on Twitter. Basically, if you didn't watch the show, this is what you missed:

  • Best 'Price is Right' Entrance Ever...

    I remember watching 'The Price is Right' at my grandparents house when I was young. I always thought it was the coolest show and I obviously thought Bob Barker was the man (he was and still is). I always wished I could be on the show. I also always thought about what I would do to make people remember me while I was on the show. I'd have to do something crazy to get recognized. I thought of plenty of ideas, but this guy tops me. His 'COME ON DOWN!!!' entrance is the best I've ever seen. I mean, crowd surfing is just genius. Watch:

  • A Video for You and Your Kids...

    I've never really had a strong opinion of Ashton Kutcher. I've never disliked him, but wouldn't have said I was a huge fan or anything. Well, after seeing this video, that has changed.

  • Back to School... My School Pictures!

    I haven't gone back to school in 7 years. I don't really regret that. The only thing I do regret is not being able to take more sweet 'school pictures'. Well, I can at least show off my pictures from the past.

  • Album of the Year So Far...

    Like a lot of people, when I hear great singles on the radio, it makes me want to hear more from that artist. Lee Brice is a perfect example. I was so excited when his 'Hard to Love' album came out. It didn't disappoint. It might be my favorite album in the last several years. I love passionate singing. That's exactly what came across in Lee Brice's album.

  • Grocery Store Laws

    All grocery stores have rules about how you shop at their establishment... Whether it be how you enter/exit the store, how you drive in the parking lot, whatever, I think these rules should be followed. I mean, it's not like the stores are asking us to do anything dramatic. They're just basic rules to keep things running smoothly. We, as a society, should follow these... Or go to jail. Yeah, I said it. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but when people don't follow these rules, I don't enjoy it. Here's a few examples:

  • A Fun Outing for You & the Kids...

    I don't have any kids, but I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. They are great for a lot of things. I like them a lot. One of the many great things about them is the fact that they give me an excuse to watch kid movies. Some of them are fantastic: 'Cars', 'Monsters Inc.', etc. There's no way I would have watched these movies if it weren't for my nieces and nephews. Well, there's another movie coming out that I might use them as an excuse to see... 'The Smurfs 2'. It looks pretty funny and might be a good outing to avoid the heat or rain.... Depending on what Missouri weather gives us that day. Here's the trailer:

  • Missouri is Awesome...

    I love Missouri. I've lived here my whole life and don't intend to ever move to another state. Not convinced about the state's coolness? I could sit here and list the reasons why Missouri is so great, but someone has already done that for me. If you're not convinced about how Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! (you'll get that after you watch) Missouri is after you see this video, I'll be surprised. This is great.

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