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  • New Luke Bryan Video

    Ladies like Luke Bryan. I get it. So, I thought the ladies might enjoy seeing his new video. This song is on his latest spring break album. I'm not sure if he's planning on releasing it to radio or not, but we shall see. I'm sure you've already started watching the video by now, so I'll quit typing.

  • Snow Day Idea!!!

    I used to love snow days as a kid. I still would if it meant I got to miss work because of it. But, as it turns out, that's not how it works. That's especially disappointing today, because this snow is fantastic for packing. It would be perfect for sledding, building snowmen and hitting Jay Cross with. I still plan on doing that at some point today.

  • Zac Brown Band Crew Does the 'Harlem Shake'

    I couldn't be more confused with this fad that they call the 'Harlem Shake'. I thought it was the name of a dance, but I swear they're doing something different in every video I've seen of it. So, I guess I'll stay confused, BUT I do appreciate hard work and production value. That's why I'm OK with this video.

  • Replacement Needed!!!

    I'd be lying to you if I said I was looking forward to May 17th. You see, May 16th is the series finale of "The Office". Therefore, there will be no more new episodes from then on. I'm not a fan of that. Not at all.

  • 2013 ACM Nominees

  • The Grammy Awards - My Country Music Breakdown

    I'll admit that I didn't actually plan to watch The Grammy Awards last night. To be honest, I took a late afternoon nap and didn't wake up until they had already started. I had nothing else going on, so I figured I'd watch to see what non-country music I'm missing out on (not much) & to see what country stars won their own Grammy.

  • Sophia Grace & Rosie Cover Taylor Swift

    Cute kid videos are fun to watch. So are things involving Taylor Swift. So, when cute kids cover a Taylor Swift song, that rocks. Sophia Grace & Rosie, who have been on 'Ellen' several times, were on there again a few days ago covering Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble". I realize that we don't play that song on country radio, but it's still a catchy song. Even if you're a Taylor Swift hater, you should enjoy this...

  • 'American Idol' Liar

    What a disappointment. I mean, out of all the 'American Idol' audition episodes, I teared up at least once per episode. One of the times that I teared up was during Matt Farmer's audition. He was supposedly a wounded war veteran who defied odds by having a kid... Actually, just watch his audition:

  • St. Jude Country Music Marathon & Half Marathon

    OK, I'm in.... I hate to run, but I'm in. I'm going to run the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon on April 28th in Nashville. It scares me when I write it out like that, but I've already committed to it, so I'm in. Although, it's not like other marathons, so it shouldn't be bad. Sure, if you really wanted to, you could make it competitive. I don't intend to do that.

  • Let's Meet the KTTS St. Jude Jam Artists...

    In case you missed the announcement this morning, the KTTS St. Jude Jam is happening again this year. This time around, it's March 14th at the Ramada Oasis Convention Center. I could be more pumped than I am, but that'd be dangerous. So, let's just say that I'm super pumped for the lineup we have this year.

  • Thank You for My 3 Years at KTTS!!!

    Dear Listeners,

  • American Idol Is Back!!!

    I'm a huge 'American Idol' fan. I've watched every season since it started.... Some more than others, but still, I've watched a ton of it over the years. You see all of these new shows like 'The Voice' and 'X-Factor' and you know they're trying to reach what 'Idol' had when it first started. It was huge. It's still pretty big, but not like it was. I'm a fan of it more than the other shows, because it is the original.

  • Party Tonight & You're Invited!!!

    Call me crazy, but I like fun. I like it a lot. That's why I'll be at Midnight Rodeo tonight. I'm real pumped for Chase Rice to put on a great show as part of the KTTS Catch a Rising Star Concert Series.

  • 2013 Golden Globe Winners

    I did not watch the Golden Globe Awards last night. It'd be kinda pointless for me to do so, because I'd be completely lost. I've only seen one of the movies or tv shows that won an award. Although, I do like to see the winners, that way I know what I need to watch. Well, here is that list....

  • Chick Flick vs. Chick Flick

    Nicolas Sparks rocks. Well, I assume. I've never read any of his books, but I've seen several of his movies. I like to do manly things like hunt, watch & play sports, eat steaks & a lot of other things. But, I do enjoy a good chick flick. I feel that a majority of men do, I'm just one of the few that will admit it.

  • 3 Artists I'm Excited About in 2013

    This year is off to a great start, musically. There are a few lesser known artists in particular that I think will all have big years. All 3 are very talented and all 3 have great singles to kick off 2013.

  • My Day Back in High School

    I surprised myself when I showed up for Halfway's Career Day today. I expected myself to head straight for the Principal's office out of habit. I didn't. In fact, I went the whole day without being sent to the Principal's office. My mom would be proud.

  • How Awesome Was 2006?

    OK, you might have been expecting a review of 2012, but that's been done before. I want to talk about one specific event that changed my life in 2006.

  • Hey Restaurants.... Stop Making Cash Angry!

    I like to eat out. I say that because I like food, but hate to cook. It has nothing to do with me liking to try new things. I pretty much go to about 10 different places and just rotate them. Well, after this past week, 2 of those restaurants will be removed from my rotation.

  • My Top 5 Songs of the Year

    It's all come down to this. My week full of countdowns is ending with a big one. This is huge, you guys. OK, maybe that's a little dramatic, but this was definitely the hardest list for me to narrow down. We were lucky in the country music world this year. There were plenty of good songs released to radio within the last 12 months.

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