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Local Senior Prank... Cash Approved!

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When I was a senior in high school, we didn't do a senior prank. Mainly because we got threatened not to... Several times. Anyway, some seniors from just down the road in Monett orchestrated a pretty decent one recently.

I fear that the link will be taken down soon, so let me explain a little bit: Basically, they put their high school up for sale on Craig's List. I say 'basically', but it's exactly what they did. My favorite quote is this one:

"We are selling our beautiful school because the 2014 Seniors are graduating and they were the only thing keeping us going. Without them, we are nothing."

This is a great prank, because it really doesn't hurt anyone involved. It's just fun. Well done, seniors. Well done. Hashtag Cash approved. 

And in case you see this while the link is still live, click HERE to see the ad! Actually, just in case....

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