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New Music from 2 Big Artists

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One of my favorite parts about working in radio is hearing new music. I love listening to a new song and thinking "So, this is what we'll be playing for awhile...". Obviously, I'm hoping for songs I enjoy. Well, 2 of my favorite artists have either released or are getting ready to release a new song to radio.

We started playing the new Miranda Lambert song today on KTTS. I'd say I like probably 3 out of 4 Miranda songs. Well, "Automatic" fits the 'like' category. Give it a listen:



This next song is suppose to be Lee Brice's next song to country radio. I'm a huge Lee Brice fan and he rarely releases a song that I don't enjoy. Although I haven't heard a produced version of "I Don't Dance" yet, I can't wait to. This is the best live version I could find :


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