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My Top Country Songs of 2013

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On Tuesday, starting at 2pm, I'll be counting down the top 40 songs of 2013 during the KTTS End of Year Countdown. So, I wanted to go over my top songs of the year now.

With these lists that I do at the end of the year, I usually do 'top 5' or 'top 10'. Well, this time I couldn't decide on an order or on just 5 songs... So, below is just my favorite songs of the year. These songs were either released in 2013 or at the very end of 2012 and made their impact this year. Here we go....


Lee Brice - "I Drive Your Truck": Although I said that I couldn't decide on an order, this would be my top song of the year. That's the only order I'm sure of. I feel like this is one of the best songs in country music in the last 5 years. It's so well written, that anyone who has ever lost a loved-one can relate to it. I still get chills every time I hear it. Also, Lee Brice's voice is just fantastic.

Thomas Rhett - "It Goes Like This": I'm a huge Thomas Rhett fan. Raise your hand if you've heard me say that before... **everyone raises their hand**. Although this isn't my favorite song of his, I still like it a lot. I wasn't blown away the first time I heard it, but after a few listens, I really enjoyed it.

Brett Eldredge - "Don't Ya": I've said it before and I'll say it again, Brett Eldredge's "Bring You Back" album is the best of 2013. Period. I actually said it here. It's a great album and this is the 'catchy-est' track on there. It's almost impossible not to sing along with this one.

Keith Urban/Miranda Lambert - "We Were Us": Two of the biggest names in country music, collaborate on a well-written song. There's no way this could miss. Like "It Goes Like This", this song took me a while to warm up to. But, once I did, I couldn't get enough of it. My favorite line is "God, I miss when you were mine". I'm not sure why, but that just seems like such a real thing to say, so I love it.

Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift - "Highway Don't Care": Again, two of the biggest names in country music team up for this one. Well, three, if you count Keith Urban's guitar playing. Anyway, this is another meaningful song that was a huge hit. The video is bone-chilling and it fits the song perfectly. Plus, I mean... Taylor Swift... Game. Over.

Tim McGraw - "One of Those Nights": This is super weird for me to have two Tim McGraw songs on this list, but I felt like I had to. I'd be lying to you if I said I was a huge fan of everything Tim has released in recent history. But, these two definitely did something for me.

Randy Houser - "Runnin' Outta Moonlight": Randy Houser made a change in his image a few years ago and I'm glad he did. Don't get me wrong, I liked the old Randy, I just like the new one more. After he released "How Country Feels", I thought there was no way his next song could live up to it. Well, this one did. Randy has one of the most distinct and best voices in the business and I just like it.

Eric Church - "Like Jesus Does": Eric Church is known as a little bit of a bad boy in country music, so a song like this goes against that. With super sweet lyrics, you know this hopeless romantic loves it. Eric is one of my favorite artists and he hit the nail on the head on this one.

Wow, 2013 was pretty solid. These are just some of my favorite songs of the year. I'm sure I could come up with more, but I have to stop somewhere. So, what do you think? What songs am I missing?

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