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11 Random Facts About Me

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I've seen this game be played on Facebook, so I figured I'd jump in on it. Here are 11 random facts about me. Side note: I know I'm lame.


1. I hate tomatoes, but love ketchup.

2. I debate with myself about which is a better condiment between A1 Sauce & Arby's Sauce quite often. They're both fantastic.

3. I'm really good at stacking coins on my elbow, then catching them in my hand. I almost put a hole in my parents' wall attempting this when I was a kid.

4. I play guitar and have since I was in 5th grade. I have no rhythm, so I'm not that good.

5. I was a theater guy in high school and went to 1 semester of college on a theater scholarship, before dropping out.

6. I think I'm hilarious and understand what makes people laugh. I'm probably wrong.

7. I love sports and get way too into them. They control my life sometimes. It's pathetic, really.

8. I'm a control freak.

9. I claim to be very good at 3 things: Job interviews, first dates & meeting parents. They're all essentially the same thing.

10. When making a lot of everyday decisions, I ask myself "what will make for a better story later?".

11. I expect people to do their jobs if they're getting paid. This is why I have many conflicts and complaints at restaurants. I believe you should take pride in whatever work you do.

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