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Dog Parenting: I Need Help!

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I've been dog sitting for my brother for a few months and all together, he's a pretty good dog (the dog, not my brother). But, lately he's been tearing up my backyard. Given, my backyard isn't in great shape anyway, but still... Also, my backyard is about the smallest backyard ever.

Anyway, the dog is digging like it's his job. He's not digging under the fence to try to escape, he's just digging in random places: Under the deck, by the edge of my patio, in the middle of the yard, etc. I don't get it.

Most of the time, we keep him inside, but obviously we'll let him out to use the bathroom. He's also outside for a couple of hours in the morning. My roommate leaves for work just before 7am, so he'll let him out. I let him back in when I wake up around 9 or 10. That's the longest he's ever outside. Like I said, my backyard isn't spectacular, but I'd still rather not have a bunch of random holes back there. Any suggestions on how to make him stop?

Here's the guy I'm referring to:


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