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The VMAs... According to Twitter and Me!

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I watched about 2 minutes of the MTV Video Music Awards last night. The reason? I was flipping over to see if N'Sync was performing yet. I'll get to that in a minute. So, a majority of the knowledge I have about the show came from people's reactions on Twitter.  Basically, if you didn't watch the show, this is what you missed:


- Miley Cyrus isn't so innocent anymore. She had a not-so-family-friendly performance and broke her dad's (Billy Ray Cyrus) achy breaky heart.

- Taylor Swift might have cursed about an ex-boyfriend. And might have been the villain for the night, by calling out an ex on stage. I still love her.

- Lady Gaga is still weird.

- Katy Perry is talented and had a good performance.

- Justin Timberlake might be the most talented man on the planet. Also, every single person in the country might want him.

- N'Sync is still sweet, but out of shape.


That's what I got out of  it, anyway. Twitter keeps me in the loop. I don't THINK it lied to me, but like I said, I watched about 2 minutes worth of the show and couldn't have been more confused. I think I'll stick to country music, but did I miss anything?

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