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Grocery Store Laws

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All grocery stores have rules about how you shop at their establishment... Whether it be how you enter/exit the store, how you drive in the parking lot, whatever, I think these rules should be followed. I mean, it's not like the stores are asking us to do anything dramatic. They're just basic rules to keep things running smoothly. We, as a society, should follow these... Or go to jail. Yeah, I said it. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but when people don't follow these rules, I don't enjoy it. Here's a few examples:


'20 Items or Less': When I go grocery shopping, I very rarely purchase more than 20 items. So, I pretty much live in this aisle. Yesterday, I was in this very line and the dude in front of me looked to have well over 20 items. After further investigation, he had roughly 40 items. Yes, I counted. This is what's wrong with society. There's no way he thought he could fit into the group that is suppose to check out in this line. Jail. He should go straight to jail.

'Enter/Exit Here': I don't know about you, but I enjoy not having to worry about someone coming around the corner as I'm walking through a door. That's what the 'Enter' and 'Exit' signs are for. Our safety. It's not like these doors are miles apart... They are right next to each other. Take a step to the right and walk through the correct door.

'Carts Go Here': Most grocery stores are pretty good about having several cart corrals in their parking lots. Again, you don't have to walk very far to do the right thing. It really burns my shorts when I try to park in a parking spot, just to see a cart in my way. How lazy can people be?

'Drive This Way':  This is the one that makes the least amount of sense to me. You're in your car. You don't have to put extra energy into walking 10 extra feet. One lane is to drive one way, the next is to drive the other. Don't try to drive the opposite. You're gonna have a tough time parking correctly anyway. The parking spots are angled just right to fit the direction you should be driving.


Seriously, it's not that tough. Let's try to make society a little better by following these simple rules. Rant, over. Cash, out.

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