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I Can't Wait For Next Week!!!

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I'm counting down the days (2) until I'm on vacation. Starting Saturday, I'll be on vacation for 9 straight days and I can't wait. You might be thinking 'Cash, you're a radio DJ... Every day is like a vacation." For the most part, you're right. I love my job and realize how blessed I am to have it. But, everyone needs a break sometimes.

Our Promotions Manager had a kid a few weeks ago and is still out of work (seems fishy to me). This means I've been doing more work since she's been gone, so my stress level has gone up. Originally, during this vacation, I was suppose to go to Colorado for a camping trip. I had to back out a few weeks ago, because I wasn't prepared at all and it was stressing me out even more. Which stinks, because I was really looking forward to it.

Once I decided to not go to Colorado, I no longer had any plans. So, I had to think quick. I mean, I love the Ozarks, but again... Everyone needs a break sometimes. I had to figure something out. The obvious choice was to go visit my friend in Nashville... Which is exactly what I'm doing. Nashville is the most fun city I've ever been to, plus I have free lodging. Not a bad combo.

I leave for Nashville on Sunday and come back on Wednesday. We're planning on going to 2 different song writing events and I'm super excited about that. I might even drink a sweet tea while I'm there (I will). The best part about this trip to Nashville is the fact that I don't have to run 13 miles while I'm there. Last time I was in the city, I ran in the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon. It was brutal, but still a blast. So, if you take out the running part, it can only get better.

Tomorrow is my last day for awhile and I'll talk to you when I get back. Remember, although I'm leaving town for a few days, my roommates, security system, dog & guns aren't. So, don't try anything, bad guys.

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