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I'm not naive. When I bought my house in a new neighborhood, I knew there would be construction around the Cash Shack at some point. What I didn't know was how big of a pain it would be.

I realize that everyone has a job to do. I support that fact and respect anyone who works hard for a dollar. What I don't respect is when someone doesn't show respect to others. Construction has been going on in my neighborhood for as long as I can remember and recently, it's been going on right across the street. I sleep with a fan on, so I don't hear much when those guys are up early working, while I'm trying to sleep. I'm fine with it, but here's a few things that I'm not fine with:

- I have had trash in my yard on several occasions. Whether it be cups, plastic wrap, etc. It can't be that tough to clean up after yourself.

- The construction workers have driven equipment in my yard before. Given, my yard isn't anything special, but they don't have permission to do that.

- The construction workers park wherever they want. I have 2 roommates and Jay Cross has to park on the street. It gets way crammed with them being so careless with where they park. Yes, they have to park somewhere, but most of the time, they don't put much thought into it. Sometimes, cars can't even get past them, because they've parked on each side of the road, right across from each other.

- The construction workers have worked at midnight. I couldn't believe this one, but when I got home after work last night, just after midnight, I heard a drill going. I stood there, in disbelief, debating on whether to go talk to them or not. Like I said, noise doesn't really affect me, because I sleep with a fan on, so I decided not to. Still, you could hear the drill in my house and I'm sure it affected my neighbors... Some, who have kids and have to wake up early for their jobs.

I'm not trying to bash all construction workers at all. I respect the heck out of most of them. I'm trying to bash the act of disrespect. I bought my house 3 years ago and feel like my neighbors and I don't deserve this treatment. I would go and talk to them, but it seems like there is a different crew out there everyday. So, obviously, the only way to feel better about this situation is to blog about it... So, there! OK, I'm done.

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